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Lead Producer

Kristen Butler

Kristen Butler is a media producer and communications professional with a deep background in entertainment production and marketing.  With her career spanning more than fifteen years, Kristen has participated in the founding of two media production companies - including Mirari Pictures and most recently, Sailfish Features. She is a producer of a number of award-winning media projects, and was privileged to wrap on her third feature film in October of 2023. Her portfolio consists of media projects ranging from nationally-broadcast commercial advertisements to events and independent narrative productions.  


As a marketer, Kristen has worked in a variety of professional settings, such as the internal marketing departments of large institutions, and nonprofits, and a number of independent marketing firms. Her past clients include technology companies, humanitarian aid organizations, federal agencies, municipal offices and city programs, and educational institutions; and her fields of professional expertise encompass graphic design, media production, writing, social media management, and communications.   
In her spare time, Kristen can usually be found collaborating with other content creators, reading, and exploring local tourism. She currently travels full time for film productions with her husband, Brandon.

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