About Sailfish


Sailfish Features is a film producing and development company dedicated to pinpointing 

top-notch marketable  films, and producing them as quality entertainment packages.  


Our Expertise

Producing and Development

For every shout of "lights, camera, action", dozens of contracts must be signed, deals secured, and decisions made that will affect a film's marketability. Financiers and studios want to partner with projects which will succeed in the box office, and screenwriters want to see their work realized.  But who will pinpoint the most marketable scripts and create a strong production package that investors can get behind? Sailfish Features exists to be that bridge.  We possess a unique blend of producing experience and marketing background that will serve to bring top-quality scripts to the forefront of development, and the networking skills necessary to close the deal.  



Our Commitment



In 1939, a submarine named the USS Squalus sank during a test dive.  

Twenty-six crew members lost their lives during the accident, and thirty-three more were rescued. The Squalus might easily have been scrapped, or even left to decay at the bottom of the ocean floor. But instead, the sub was lifted from her watery ruin, repaired, given a new name, and sent out into action as the USS Sailfish.  

We all need an uplifting story to boost our spirits from time to time.  At Sailfish Features, our commitment is to produce features that lift, strengthen, and inspire our audiences. Our sincere hope is that viewers will find in our films the strength and inspiration needed to complete their next journey.