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Feature Films

Calber Island

Calber Island is a thriller that is currently streaming on all channels. Watch online!

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky

Church Hurt:
The Conflict Within

A completed documentary that is scheduled for upcoming release, "Church Hurt: The Conflict Within" answers common questions about the Church from a modern-day Christian's perspective. We'll explore how to manage relationships (both the life-giving and the difficult ones), and approach difficult topics from a position of logic and sound reasoning. Is the church still important today? We believe so, and are sharing why in this upcoming 90-minute documentary.


Saved From What?

"Saved From What?" is a down-to-earth take on what Christian buzzwords like "saved" actually mean. What is this "gospel" thing that church people talk so much about, and how will it actually make my life better?

If you've ever wondered what Christianity really is at its core, this thought-provoking documentary is for you. "Saved From What?" is currently in post production. Check back soon for more details!

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