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Corporate Film Production

If you're looking for something more than turn-key production for your next project, you've come to the right place. 

We are Creative Advisors, Adventurers, Advocates, and Experts... and our mission is to become your most trusted teammates, supporters, ambassadors, and cheerleaders as you embark on your next creative journey. 


What We Value

The ideas that matter most to us:

Story: Statistics may inform your audience... but a story will move your audience. If you want your audience to draw a conclusion of take an action, there's no better way to move your audience than to tell a good story.

Transparency: Transparency involves vulnerability, truth, and trust. It's important to us that we gain your trust, and it's important to us to help you gain your audience's trust.

Positivity: Is making a film easy? Nope. Is it a quick process? Definitely not. Is it worth it? One hundred percent! Attitude is everything. With as much hard work as goes into creating a film, we might as well choose to smile and enjoy the process. We want to help you enjoy the process also!  



Editing. If all you need is post-production, we've got you covered. Our post production services include editing, sound design, color grading, and motion graphics.


Production. If you have a script in hand, you are fully cast, your locations are secured, shot lists and storyboards made, call sheets sent... then all you need is the crew!  Our production capabilities cover shoots of any scale, from one camera operator, to a full production team.


Pre-Production. Just getting started? Perfect! We are producing gurus, and we can't wait to help you shape your idea into a creative reality. It doesn't matter what your starting point is, we are on your team. Pre-production is the perfect time to connect with us for a free 15 minute Zoom consultation. Our pre-production services include script writing services, casting, location scouting, and call sheet preparation.

Because every project is unique, please contact us for a quote tailored just for you.

Work with Sailfish Features


Getting started is easy! Just send us an email and say hi. Tell us a little bit about your project, and we will schedule a free 15-minute zoom call with you to talk over ideas and project specifics. Email us at

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