Corporate Film Production


Great news! Your company is ready to launch its next video project, and you want it to have that "look" that grabs your clients' attention and drives sales. But how to achieve that high-quality cinematic feel for your next corporate film production? We've got some pro tips to offer. So keep reading!


Video Drives Engagement

The stats speak for themselves.

"• Youtube is the second largest search engine.

• 86% of businesses use video for marketing.

• According to the data published on the website of      
 video marketers say video has:

       • Increased traffic to their website. (86%)

       • Helped them generate leads. (84%)

       • Directly helped increase sales.(78%)"


(Statistics provided by Content Marketing Specialist Piril Madasoglu in the Popupsmart blog.)

Corporate Film Pro Tips

(...and how we help.)

Tip #1: Know your audience. They say that in a compromise, you only succeed in making nobody happy. True or not... this principal does apply when it comes to audience groups. You wouldn't speak the same way to a casual consumer as you would to a seasoned investor. So you'll probably want to make sure that your corporate promo takes on a unique voice that speaks directly to a specific audience group. If you are having trouble pinpointing your audience, send us an email. We'll send you a list of questions that only you can answer... and by the time you've answered them all, you're guaranteed to know who your video's primary audience group is. 

Tip #2: Determine your budget. Even if you don't have a Fortune 500-scale marketing budget, you can still have a quality film production for your brand! But it's important to be realistic when it comes to how far a dollar will stretch. A professional producer knows that where there is a will, there is a way - and can talk you through some small adjustments that may mean the difference between an over-stretched, unprofessional-looking commercial, and a comfortable, high-end corporate film on almost any budget. 

Tip #3: Give direction and come with comparisons. Knowing what you want is important. Have you seen a video recently that really moves you and could serve as a comparable to your project? Showing these to your producer goes a long way towards getting the results that you want. If you don't know what style or content you want, schedule a free zoom call with us, and we will ask a few questions that can help to solidify your project's direction in your mind. 

Tip #4: Choose a production package. Do you want on-camera interviews? B-roll footage? Are you following a staged script? Will you production include moving camera shots, or will it be filmed completely on a tripod? Do you need to record audio? What about drone footage? Will there be visual effects incorporated into your project during post production? We can build a production package to fit most budgets.

Tip #5: Give yourself enough time. It may be surprising to learn how many hours it takes to produce a corporate film. In most cases, be prepared for about 3 weeks of post-production.

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